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Once a student receives a trumpet, they sign a contract agreeing to practice one hour a day, maintain the trumpet, as well as teach, help and perform for other kids. They are also encouraged to give the trumpet to the school if they decide to quit playing.

Students are required to practice and perform for other kids so that they may inspire each other and create a platform for dialogue about their goals and achievements. Having kids perform music, such as classical or jazz, at a skill level that shows great musicianship at an early age, can allow children to create and realize their own dreams and activities. Having quartets perform for kids who are homeless, ill, or in other at-risk situations brings a new dimension by which each child may begin to see beyond his or her present situation. Whether the child is the musician or listener, the idea is to create opportunities for each group to see other situations or to be inspired by their peer group.

Music is the universal language of our world. It is a part of life in every country and culture. It is also a powerful tool to help children learn and shape their lives. Music fosters the development of attention and listening skills; it assists in emotional development; and music involvement is known to enhance self-esteem and confidence. Music is also linked to improved math, memory and reading skills. 


It All Started When...

In 2007, Freddie had the opportunity to work with two young girls in Grapevine, TX who came to hear him play. They were interested in music and their mother was financially unable to buy a trumpet for them and he decided to give them one. After that, he worked with a small group of students in a similar position where their schools were not able to provide them with trumpets. It was then that he decided to start raising money and Trumpets4Kids was born. After several lessons and realizing how serious some of the students were about music and getting together, he wanted to make sure that other kids too could fulfill their interests and develop new skills and build relationships. Additionally, he provided trumpet lessons for them and others and set up ways for them to perform at local venues. He also takes them to concerts/performances by professional musicians and arranges for opportunities for the students to meet those musicians.

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How Trumpet4Kids Operates...

Trumpets4Kids is led by Founder and Art Director, Freddie Jones. It is supported by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, and operates on generous donations from organizations, funders, and individuals. Learn more about how you can get involved by reaching out to us.

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An official education partner with the Berklee College of Music

An official education partner with the Berklee College of Music